As the market picks back up we’ve already had a number of candidates have video interviews across various platforms. This is something new to a lot of our clients and candidates so we thought it would be worthwhile putting together a few key tips to help you succeed.

Test your technology

A few hours, or even the day before your video interview, do a trial run to check your camera, microphone and internet connection are all working. Make sure to download the platform being used and give yourself time to familiarise yourself with it. Make sure you pick a place which has good Wi-Fi connection that won’t drop out during the interview. And ensure your laptop or tablet is fully charged

Prepare Your Interview Space

Choose a quiet, well-lit space with a neutral background which is free from clutter. Try to stop family members and pets coming into the room so they don’t distract you or the interviewer. Turn off all phone, email and computer notifications during the interview.

Dress for success

Dress professionally, business casual. For men there is no need to wear a suit jacket and tie.

Maintain good eye contact and body language

It can be easy for your eyes to wonder when the person you’re talking to isn’t in the room. Maintain “eye contact” by looking directly into the camera instead of at the screen or at your own photo. Position your camera at eye-level, not above or below you and try not to move around in your seat too much. And remember to smile and project positive body language throughout the interview.

Use post-it notes

If you find you get distracted by your own image on screen, use a post-it note to cover it. You can also use these on other parts of the screen to remind you to look at the camera, and also write prompts to remind you of key talking points, and questions you want to ask.


As with a normal interview, its imperative you research the company, the role and your interviewers beforehand. You can always put a few notes next to your laptop, but make sure you don’t read directly from them.

If you have an upcoming video interviews and have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us on 02382 354100, we’re here to help.

Author: Andy Lambert


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