How to Secure the Best Candidates for Your Business

In today’s world of recruitment – finding candidates is a pretty tough job, and many companies are having to work twice as hard as before to come up with a successful recruitment strategy. After all, “you can’t catch the big fish by skimming the surface”, right?

As a trusted recruitment partner to many businesses experiencing just this, our advice to you is: be bold. There are things you can do to ensure that you get noticed for all the right reasons when it comes to advertising your jobs, and are more appealing than your competitors when it gets to the interview stages – but it can be hard work and will require you to take steps outside of the recruitment comfort zone we’ve all gotten used to.

In our latest blog, we’ve outlined 5 steps to recruit (and retain) top talent for your company. Investing the time and effort now will pay dividends in the long run because not only will you have secured the best candidates in an exceptionally shallow market, but you’ll have a talented, motivated and dedicated team who are invested in the success of your business for all the right reasons.

Recruitment Step 1: Scrap the Standard HR List

“Benefits include: Pension + Onsite Parking + 25 Days Holiday…” We’ve seen it all before. Instead of reeling off a list of run of the mill benefits, perhaps consider what your company offers that is actually going to spark someone’s interest. 

Great benefits can improve workplace morale, reduce stress, boost productivity, decrease staff absences, and of course – are really helpful when it comes to recruiting! Here are a few examples of some of the best benefits we’ve seen in the past:

  • 3 months’ paid paternity leave
  • The opportunity to take sabbaticals
  • All expenses paid company trips
  • Paid volunteering days
  • Free food in the office – Bacon Sarnie Mondays, Pizza Fridays, Humpday Donuts…
  • Duvet Days for wellbeing
  • Birthdays off & a £50 cash gift towards a birthday meal 
  • Family BBQs or Christmas parties
  • In house masseur
  • Office dog (always a winner!

Recruitment Step 2: Talk Money

These days, popping “competitive salary” on your job ads just isn’t going to cut the mustard. It’s definitely time to invest in your people if you want the best out there, but remember – salary isn’t the be all and end all.

In 2018, a Harvard Business Review study showed that 9 out of 10 people were willing to earn less money in order to do more meaningful work. So, if you’ve already got a cracking set of company values that you can demonstrate along with a list of (actually decent) benefits, ask your recruitment partner to help you benchmark and proudly display your competitive salary in all its glory on your job ad.

Recruitment Step 3: Be Flexible

The last year has changed the future of the workplace dramatically and lots of businesses are actually downsizing and offering remote working or serviced offices to their staff. It’s important to keep up with trends so as not to get left in the past, while finding a solution that works for you as a business. We know that going fully remote isn’t right for everyone, but we do know that offering flexibility is a must.

Consider the benefits of a 4-day working week, offering to cover the financial costs of setting up a home office, or simply letting your employees plan their work schedule around their own lives and their natural motivational cycles. Some people do their best work in the evenings, others do theirs first thing in the morning. If you can give your employees this flexibility and freedom, you’ll notice that their output and dedication to your business is 10 times higher than that of an employee sat at the same desk Monday to Friday with no trust or autonomy.

Recruitment Step 4: Look From the Outside In

Not a lot of companies will do this – but it’s really important. Instead of ‘self-serving’ when it comes to recruiting, take a moment to look from the outside in, and ask yourself: “would I like to work at this company?”

Does your website detail your company values and success?

Are you reviewed well online on platforms like Google and Glassdoor?

Are your social media channels current and do they portray your tone of voice?

How many employee profiles are linked to your company LinkedIn, and how do they present themselves? Are they proud ambassadors of the brand?

If you’re looking to recruit graduates, do you have any less formal social channels (such as Instagram) where you can demonstrate your company benefits and push more people-focussed posts?

When a candidate comes across your job ad, if you’ve followed our previous steps and they like what they see – their next stop will probably be your digital footprint, so make sure it’s a good one!

Recruitment Step 5: Reel in the Big Fish

Now is your chance. You’ve benchmarked yourself and your salary really is competitive, your benefits are awesome, you’ve demonstrated the trust and autonomy you offer employees through flexible working, and they liked what they saw online. You’ve secured an interview with a fantastic candidate who can add strength to your team and help you drive your business into the future – so the pressure is on you just as much as it’s on them. An interview should be a two-way process.

  1. Consider the interview location. If possible, show off your desirable headquarters, make sure they can park close by (preferably onsite), and choose a quiet meeting room for your interview.
  2. Show them around the facilities if the interview went well. Do you have a great onsite restaurant or some relaxing break out areas or meeting rooms? Maybe you’ve got an onsite gym. Whatever you have, show it off.
  3. Offer refreshments – just as you would if you had a guest in your home.
  4. Make them feel comfortable. You’ve already gauged their level of knowledge and skills from their CV and their previous experience, so try not to grill them. You’ll get the most out of this interview if you can make the candidate feel comfortable enough to show you who they really are. Have a laugh, find some common ground – and enjoy the chat!
  5. Sell yourself. It’s not all about the candidate, this is your opportunity to demonstrate what a great company you are and why the candidate would love to work for you.
  6. Encourage questions. If a candidate is really invested in a future with your company, they will have questions.

And of course it goes without saying, to retain your top talent once they’ve accepted the role, follow up on your promises. If you’ve advertised yourself with all the bells and whistles that have attracted your new employees, ensure that you are able to deliver upon what you’ve offered.

If you need help with your recruitment strategy and would benefit from talking to one of our experts, please get in touch today. We’re experienced in handling benchmarking, counter offers, resignations, advertising and much more.

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